Talent & Inspiration

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Lori Anna Harrison – As an entrepreneur, author, speaker, philanthropist, and team leader, Lori does it all. Her first solo business was born from true passion, and her ability to take calculated risks and adapt to new situations has allowed her to grow DLP into a thriving debt-free company. She applies her enthusiasm for life to each and every business venture, allowing space for exciting new opportunities and limitless potential. Her professionalism is complemented with a compassionate, confident, and genuine disposition that drives her to share her success and elevate others. Lori holds an undergraduate degree in accountancy as well as an MBA with an emphasis in marketing.

A master of all things design, Amanda creates artistic campaigns for web, print, and email. Using top of the line design software, she makes visually appealing and unique projects that capture the essence of a brand and speak to target audiences. Amanda is proficient in website building and the Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. Her hustle game is strong, multitasking to create high-quality content for numerous ongoing projects. Amanda holds a degree in strategic communication from Northern Arizona University.

Tyler Parker – Naturally organized and efficient, Tyler transforms creative ideas into effective end products and ensures they reach the right people. He specializes in taking email campaigns to the next level through expert marketing strategy and execution including acquiring relevant email lists, segmenting lists for maximum reach, and analyzing campaign stats and results. His people skills help him establish and grow client relationships through reliable customer service, making sure all expectations are heard and exceeded. Tyler holds a marketing degree from Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona.

Cheyenne Jarrette – Enamored with words and language, Cheyenne creates compelling copy for projects across the spectrum. Her writing is used in various channels including social media, email marketing, web, and news media. She captures the distinct voice of different clients and uses language to inform, persuade, and engage with all types of audiences. With effective communication at the core of every undertaking, she focuses on creating messaging that is clear, concise, on-brand, and on-deadline. Cheyenne holds a degree in strategic communication from Northern Arizona University.